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Year of the Blue Horse progress IV by hontor Year of the Blue Horse progress IV :iconhontor:hontor 866 42
Where are You Now Dearest Friend?
Whilst reading old letters like cold headstones,
Over come with nostalgia of days I had laid to rest,
Found in dark places where no light has shone,
I shrink in fear of memories despite all of my best
Attempts to forget as to find relief
From the things welling up from underneath,
Thoughts of long fights we had over the phone                           
Our words like darts viciously thrown
Oh what happened to those days
when we each confessed our own
worried not with saving face
And all was truth to be known?
Where are you now Dearest Friend. how distant we've grown
How far from you I feel, here, writing alone
:iconskruffy123:skruffy123 19 83
Dear Mommy.
Dear mommy, please don't hurt yourself.
I need you to hold my hand.
From crossing the little old gravel road
To helping me find wonderland.
Dear mommy, please don't hate yourself.
I love the way you used to be.
Happy and joyful, so filled with love
Or at least that's how you seemed to me.
Dear mommy, maybe I don't understand.
But please don't let yourself go.
I need you now more than ever,
And more than you'll ever know.
Dear mommy, please don't leave me.
I love you.. Don't you understand?
Mommy, please don't kill yourself.
I still need you to hold my hand.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 695 272
Nymph~1 by AnonnaScarlett Nymph~1 :iconanonnascarlett:AnonnaScarlett 45 37 TheBlissfulKiss~ by AnonnaScarlett TheBlissfulKiss~ :iconanonnascarlett:AnonnaScarlett 171 93 Through~the~EYE~ by AnonnaScarlett Through~the~EYE~ :iconanonnascarlett:AnonnaScarlett 123 33
Mediterranean Vacation
we walked about the old city streets
along the dark alley ways with fun
gaily laughing and enjoying the day
stopping at street side café bistros
having the grand coffees and foods
feeling the warm Mediterranean sun
spending the day out and about
but in the night we stay indoors
balcony doors open to the winds
a billowing of the curtains is
the only sound in the darkness
as we lay together in passion
pulling each other closer
taking and giving love
our time here has been a fantasy
a summer's vacation of shared love
passions explored along with the city
learning new tastes of the palate
as well as new tastes of the body
exploring our sexuality together
mutual trust and respect fulfilled
the days along the sea shore delight
our nights bold and steamy with sex
by day we make the rounds and see
all of the sights of this old city
ancient by all the standards existing
in the night we bring out our desires
fantasies kept locked away normally
here we are free of restraints
it is a feeling in th
:iconbenhammonds:BenHammonds 1 2
Tell Me
Tell Me
tell me what you like
every little thing
that makes you
erupt passionately
the things that
make you tremble
deep in the night
tell me who you are
every little thing
that makes your
heart beat and that
excites your pulse
the dreams in your
deep night's sleep
tell me where you are
in your mind's eye
how do you see your
location in this
big old mean world
are you centered
or out of focus
tell me what I can do
for you in the ways
that a man can do
things for a woman
who is deep in emotion
with dreams haloed
around her lovely head
tell me about yourself
please share your deep
secrets with me eternal
both the good and bad
that makes you who
you are here before me
so that I may love
:iconbenhammonds:BenHammonds 5 8
Show Me Your Heart
show me what is behind your eyes
what lies behind what I can see
what you show the world normally
deep within the channels of
your precious mind hidden
show me your dreams in colors
flowing from your imagination
like the essence of a rainbow
with you being that famous
pot of Gold found there
show me what you like to feel
guide me along your frets
let me play your strings
until the music comes
ringing out from you
show me how to be yours
everyday of our lives
don't let me forget
for I wish to always
be only yours
show me your heart
and let me feel
the warmth you
keep hidden
:iconbenhammonds:BenHammonds 4 11
I feel the sadness in people
the strength there in as well
but it is always the sadness that
affects me the most tapping into
the sorrows that I carry within me
empathy is a powerful feeling
if one pays attention to it
the indications of emotions
are always there most apparent
I pick up on them so easily
many times I find myself affected
by the emotions that I pick up on
feeling sorrows and angers clearly
bring out these emotions in myself
like a radio picking up sound waves
with out a strong empathy
one cant feel strong sympathies
for their fellow human beings
in which case I think the world
needs much more empathy spread
if there was more empathy then
there would be more caring
at least that would be my hope
for a better future for us all
and a brighter tomorrow
:iconbenhammonds:BenHammonds 4 14
as the world falls down by RebecaSaray as the world falls down :iconrebecasaray:RebecaSaray 314 26 Open your eyes? by RebecaSaray Open your eyes? :iconrebecasaray:RebecaSaray 2,064 238
Mature content
We Are Love :iconbenhammonds:BenHammonds 10 34
These Skies are Breaking by Battle-for-the-Sun These Skies are Breaking :iconbattle-for-the-sun:Battle-for-the-Sun 838 108 Ashlay by Photorotic
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Ashlay :iconphotorotic:Photorotic 2,804 133
exposed by Photorotic
Mature content
exposed :iconphotorotic:Photorotic 718 17



calling it luck is like calling a great artist talented. it undermines the blood sweat and tears invested through ones hard work

we worked on the trust we share

see... i see all the other women in the world the same as i see the men.. a bunch of characteristic shapes.

i love my wife above anyone else for her kindness , for her brilliance, for her sense of humor. 

i cant wait till she wakes up because i go crazy without her .

i only go to comic conventions that fly her over too

i need no one around me but her. 

she never doubts just how attractive i find her

and when she is troubled i talk to her and i never let her swallow the pain.

i never argue with her and let the stupid irrelevant crap go, she does the same. we dont let ego stand in the way of a good laugh

and never judge her, nor does she me

but i will definitely agree on this. it is the best life ever :) (Smile)


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United States
So, Iam a curvy woman who loves to write. I love art and I love erotic forms of art too. I'm not really shy. I tend to be an in your face girl. I can be sweet. I don't like commitment (because I end up getting hurt) I'm a great listener and I give good advice. I love rock music (Nirvana, A Day To Remember, Volbeat, Queen, The Used etc) I love Laurell K Hamilton. I love philosophy and I am quite naughty ;)


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Thank you kindly for the Watch. Do forgive me, I've been doing a bit of watching of my own. I have some questions, but lets start at the beginning. What is your philosophy and what draws you to the art of desire.
I have always been drawn to desire seeing that I am a very sexual being. My philosophy often changes but as of late, my motto is that as long as I'm alive, I can change... feel free to ask m any questions :-)
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So what are you today?

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